Balanced Fund

They mainly invest fixed income assets that seek to follow the exchange rate, 
with variable income assets. This minority portion, depending on the fund, can invest in stocks,
CEDEAR or ETFs related to cryptocurrencies, among others.
Each alternative has particular characteristics that provide a diversified and balanced portfolio
to obtain returns according to the target investment profile and horizon.
Fima Mix I
Fund in Argentine pesos composed of local assets that seek to follow the evolution of the official exchange rate, combined with a lower participation in equity by investing in shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange, through CEDEARs. Local fixed income assets give the fund some stability while the equity part provides some volatility while seeking for higher returns.
Fima Mix II
Fund in Argentine pesos composed mainly of local assets that seek to follow the exchange rate, complementing the portfolio with equity assets and/or derivatives related to cryptocurrencies (equity linked cryptos). Given that the portfolio has medium to long-term instruments that have some associated volatility, the suggested investment horizon for this fund is greater than 3 years.
Fima Mix Dólares
Fund in dollars, for investors with a risky profile, which seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation with a balanced portfolio between sovereign bonds, local private bonds and international stocks.